2018 Italy FIFA World Cup

PUMA, a world-renowned sports brand, has released a number of new national team jerseys that this time adopt uniform colors and incorporate elements such as classic badges, flags or designs. Represent different countries. Shown incisively. New jerseys will be unveiled at International Week and follow-up events in March.

“When the national team we worked with went to the stadium, it stood behind the support of an entire country, the bloody players are fighting for their country and fighting for the glory of their breasts. We hope to eliminate all the negative voices and unfavorable elements between the teams, the players and the spectators with a simple and elegant design, and to celebrate purely the original intention of their matches – to fight for the emblem of the team, to fight for the national flag and fight for the fans. Said Stefano Favaro.

PUMA 2018 Spring / Summer – Team jerseys follow the principle of uniform design, the modern style is simple and the style of each jersey is unique and the country’s essential elements are refined.

The new Italian 2018 World Cup jersey on the left chest is embellished with the classic badge of the Italian Football Association four-star, the blue PUMA logo on the right chest, which also appears on both sleeves.

The collar and cuffs of the new jersey have blue details and fit intelligently into the design of the Italian tricolour, underlining national honour, emphasizing that “the Blue Army” is the pride of the country.

Jerseys released this time all use PUMA’s unique evoKNIT temperature adjustment technology to improve moisture absorption and automatic cooling performance, effectively helping players maintain the best body temperature on the ground.  The white jersey highlights the well-designed evoKNIT cooling zone and seamless splicing skills, perfect for the player on the field, free to play and cross boundaries.

Italy Home 2018 Long-Sleeve Football Shirt

From 2016, the Italian national team has made 792 418 wins 217 draws and 157 losses, a total score of 1371-796, a total net victory of 575 goals, has placed the vanguard of the results of European football. European Championship finals 2016, Italy 1-1 final draw Germany 1/4, the penalty shoot-out loss, stop the quarter-finals. After Italy in the qualifier of the World Cup 4 wins and 1 level, with the same rank after the same group in Spain, the prospects of promoting the finals optimistic. At 15:45 on November 14, 2017, the World Cup in Russia 2018 preliminary World Cup barrage in the second round focused on the war, Italy, 0-0 Sweden, 60 years old for the first time missed the World Cup.

Here is the Italy home 2018 long sleeve football shirt. Colour is blue. This jersey cheap and good quality. This Italy long-sleeved shirt with the V-neck, design of the other as the Italy 2018 home football shirt, Puma logo on the chest of the right, the badge of the national team on the chest of the left. With a brand-new badge from the Italian Football Federation on the chest, the new jersey aims to evoke collective Italian memories, a memorable blue hue to bring people back to the first time dressed in blue jerseys and watch TV for the first time For her own heroic shirt, rediscover original passion and true happiness. The new cuffs and jersey collar have cleverly introduced the design of the Italian national tri-color flag, highlighting national honour, emphasizing that the “Blue Regiment” is the pride of the entire country.