2022 Qatar World Cup

The World Cup has not started yet and Nigeria has already won–for being the most stylish team in Russia. It started with the fan frenzy to buy the Nigeria-designed World Cup kit, which sold out globally the day it was released, with queues snaking round the block outside the Nike store on London’s Regent Street. Fans are talking about their stunning white and green ensemble set off with a matching hat, worn at a jaunty angle.

Nigeria’s Nike-designed kit was voted the best of the World Cup in several polls. International men’s magazine GQ also voted the Super Eagles strip top the best of all the 32 teams in Russia. The highly-sought after kit received three million pre-orders before its release, according to Nigerian Football Federation. Design director Peter Hopkins told Fader magazine that the Nigerian team’s confidence inspired him in his design for the kit which has bold neon green pattern that echoes the pattern of eagle wing feathers.

He said :“There’s a confidence in all these young players, they are going to go for it, and we were attracted to that.” We’ve been following them from afar, and the players on social media, and a lot of them are playing in some of the top clubs in Europe, and there’s that boldness that aligns in Nigeria and Lagos and in London. “We thought that there’s something in here to do something different,” Hopkins added.

The kit has also been the subject of intense discussions in Nigeria where some people thought the football federation had missed opportunity to boost local manufacturing. One prominent politician said outsourcing the kits to be produced outside the country contradicted the Nigerian government’s plans to expand and encourage production of ‘Made in Nigeria’ goods. Senator Ben Bruce said the country could have made $100 million if the kit was made in Nigerian factories.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino confirmed the 2022 Qatar World Cup will take place from November 21 to December 18, which will be the first-ever winter tournament in the northern hemisphere. Infantino said FIFA decided on the date to avoid the extreme heat of Qatar in summer, which sees temperatures hit 40 C on a regular basis.

FIFA has scheduled the event for the end of the year despite scheduling conflicts for league clubs. FIFA expects domestic leagues will be able to adjust their schedules to accommodate the global event. “FIFA has yet to decide whether the tournament in Qatar will feature 32 or 48 teams,” Infantino added. “For now it’s a World Cup with 32 teams but everybody is open-minded, and we will have a frank and open debate.” “I will be happy if it stays at 32 teams as previously established. Qatar could insist on 32. But if everybody thinks it might be positive to change to 48 we can have a look. All options will be on the table.”

2018 Italy FIFA World Cup

PUMA, a world-renowned sports brand, has released a number of new national team jerseys that this time adopt uniform colors and incorporate elements such as classic badges, flags or designs. Represent different countries. Shown incisively. New jerseys will be unveiled at International Week and follow-up events in March.

“When the national team we worked with went to the stadium, it stood behind the support of an entire country, the bloody players are fighting for their country and fighting for the glory of their breasts. We hope to eliminate all the negative voices and unfavorable elements between the teams, the players and the spectators with a simple and elegant design, and to celebrate purely the original intention of their matches – to fight for the emblem of the team, to fight for the national flag and fight for the fans. Said Stefano Favaro.

PUMA 2018 Spring / Summer – Team jerseys follow the principle of uniform design, the modern style is simple and the style of each jersey is unique and the country’s essential elements are refined.

The new Italian 2018 World Cup jersey on the left chest is embellished with the classic badge of the Italian Football Association four-star, the blue PUMA logo on the right chest, which also appears on both sleeves.

The collar and cuffs of the new jersey have blue details and fit intelligently into the design of the Italian tricolour, underlining national honour, emphasizing that “the Blue Army” is the pride of the country.

Jerseys released this time all use PUMA’s unique evoKNIT temperature adjustment technology to improve moisture absorption and automatic cooling performance, effectively helping players maintain the best body temperature on the ground.  The white jersey highlights the well-designed evoKNIT cooling zone and seamless splicing skills, perfect for the player on the field, free to play and cross boundaries.

Italy Home 2018 Long-Sleeve Football Shirt

From 2016, the Italian national team has made 792 418 wins 217 draws and 157 losses, a total score of 1371-796, a total net victory of 575 goals, has placed the vanguard of the results of European football. European Championship finals 2016, Italy 1-1 final draw Germany 1/4, the penalty shoot-out loss, stop the quarter-finals. After Italy in the qualifier of the World Cup 4 wins and 1 level, with the same rank after the same group in Spain, the prospects of promoting the finals optimistic. At 15:45 on November 14, 2017, the World Cup in Russia 2018 preliminary World Cup barrage in the second round focused on the war, Italy, 0-0 Sweden, 60 years old for the first time missed the World Cup.

Here is the Italy home 2018 long sleeve football shirt. Colour is blue. This jersey cheap and good quality. This Italy long-sleeved shirt with the V-neck, design of the other as the Italy 2018 home football shirt, Puma logo on the chest of the right, the badge of the national team on the chest of the left. With a brand-new badge from the Italian Football Federation on the chest, the new jersey aims to evoke collective Italian memories, a memorable blue hue to bring people back to the first time dressed in blue jerseys and watch TV for the first time For her own heroic shirt, rediscover original passion and true happiness. The new cuffs and jersey collar have cleverly introduced the design of the Italian national tri-color flag, highlighting national honour, emphasizing that the “Blue Regiment” is the pride of the entire country.

Colombia 2018 Away Shirt

Football fans must know that the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be hosted in Russia form 14 June to 15 July 2018. Accordingly, a few sportswear brands gradually unveil the home and away shirts for the major international competition. Recently, Adidas officially launched the 2018 Colombia Away Shirt to help the squad perform well and win the competition.

The head coach Jose Pekerman of Colombia national team announced a new line-up of the team on 16 March 2018, which was the first announcement in 2018. There are 26 players on this list, including Giovanni Moreno. He played games for his country in a match against France national team on 23 March 2018. Besides, on March 27, the Colombia national team will play a warm-up match against Australia national team. The matches against France and Australia are extremely important for Moreno, showing he has taken a step closer to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As Tim Cahill is also selected as a member of the Australia national team, the two players are likely to meet in this warm-up match, who have all played for Shanghai Greenland Shenhua F.C., a Chinese football club. They currently have been back to their national teams and Moreno will come to China on 29 March for the match between Shanghai Greenland Shenhua and Hebei China Fortune F.C..

Giovanni Moreno (born on 1 July 1986) is a Colombian footballer who serves as the captain of Chinese Super League club Shanghai Greenland Shenhua. In the 2017-18 season, he has appeared seven times and scored two goals for the club.

Colombia national team is governed by the Colombian Football Federation and plays games in international football competitions representing Colombia. In the 2014 World Cup, the squad reached the final eight and was awarded the Fair Play Award. In 2003, it won Confederations Cup and Central American and Caribbean Games in 1946.

The away shirt designed for the 2018 World Cup is well designed and shows respect for classic football jerseys.

Juergen Rank, the Senior Design Director of Adidas, said:“The World Cup has always been the stage to display Adidas’ most iconic and most innovative football products. Many of classic designs in the past are still very popular with fans. We hope to pay tribute to them while to take advantage to innovative technologies. We hope that new products are loyal to the classic designs and make sure of high-performance.”

This newly released away shirt is predominately blue. The use of color is inspired by the traditional scarf they wear under special conditions. On the contrary, Adidas elements are bright orange, including classic three stripes and the brand logo. In addition, the collar and cuffs are orange in color, too. The team badge is shown proudly on the chest. “UNIDOS POR UN PAIS(United for A Country)” is printed at the back of the shirt. The away shirt features many rhombuses on the left of the shirt, which is similar to the Colombia home shirt 2018.

Football shirts are popular among crazy and enthusiastic fans. You can wear a match jersey to show your loyalty wherever you are.

Mexico 2018 World Cup Home Shirt

Governed by Mexican Football Federation, Mexico national team is one of traditional and successful national teams in North America, representing Mexico in international competitions. The squad also competes in CONCACAF, which encompasses the countries of North and Central America, and the Caribbean.

Since 1927 when Mexico national team was established, it has qualified to sixteen World Cups. It is one of nations to make it out of the group stage over six World Cups, alongside with Brazil and Germany national teams. Besides, Mexico national team is one of eight national teams that have won two important football tournaments. The other seven teams are Germany, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain and Uruguay. The Mexican squad got the titles of the 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Its home stadium is the Estadio Azteca located in Mexico City and opened in 1966. The professional football stadium also serves as the home stadium of Club América. It is the largest stadium in Mexico with a capacity of 87,000 spectators. The famous stadium has hosted two World Cup Finals including the 1970 and 1986 World Cups. The 1986 quarter-final match was also held here, where Diego Maradona scored both the “Hand of God goal” and the “Goal of the Century”. If you are a fan of Mexico national team, it’s good for you to visit the stadium in order to feel the excitement when there are games being held.

Let’s talk about the home shirt for the 2018 World Cup that was unveiled by Adidas and Federación Mexicana de Fútbol (FMF), that governs Mexico national team, the Liga MX and all affiliated amateur sectors, and is in charge of promoting, organizing, directing, spreading, and supervising competitive football in Mexico. With the slogan “Soy México(I am Mexico)”, the product launch was hosted in the Monument to the Revolution that is a monument to commemorate the Mexican Revolution and is a meaningful place for Mexicans.

Inspired by Adidas football shirts of the 1980s, it is traditional green with a rib collar. White iconic Adidas stripes, symbolizing victory, are placed on shoulders, back to the classic design. At the back of the collar, there is a slogan that is Soy México(I am Mexico) to show national pride. Adidas logo and the badge of the national team crest are indispensable elements and printed on the chest.

Adidas Climachill technology that makes players cool and comfortable was used to produce the new shirt for the first time.

White shorts with green Adidas stripes and dark red socks with “FMF” complete the home kit.

It is the first time that the jerseys designed for Mexico national team have been produced and sold in Mexico and exported to all over the world from the country. Therefore, all jerseys are printed with “Hecho En México (Made in Mexico)”.

Excellent players wearing the breathable football shirt must be play better and win more victories. Fans are able to wear the shirt to cheer on the team on stadiums. Buy a shirt to show your loyalty.

2018 Sweden Home Football Shirt

When introduce the 2018 Home Shirt of Sweden national team, let’s tall about a professional Swedish player Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Born on 3 October 1981, Zlatan Ibrahimović is a prolific goalscorer who is known for his technique, creativity, strength and powerful and accurate striking ability. He played for his nation from 2001 to 2016 and served as the captain from 2010 until his retirement from Sweden national team. He plays currently as a forward for LA Galaxy.

The legendary footballer started his professional career at Malmö Fotbollförening in Sweden in 1999. After that, Ibrahimović played for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain F.C. and Manchester City. He has helped each club he once played get a few trophies. Here are some individual awards he has got. He was awarded Swedish Football Personality of the Year in 2002, Eurosport Goal Of The Year in 2004 and Serie A Most Loved Player in 2005. In 2012, Ibrahimović got the Golden Foot award and Swedish Goal of the Year award. On 12 May 2017, he was inducted into A.C. Milan Hall of Fame. The Swedish star becomes the second-most decorated active footballer in the world, winning 32 trophies in his career.

“Now I can only say that if I feel good about myself and I can make some contribution for the team, then of course I will not completely close the door to the Swedish national team. In fact, the door is always open. I have been repeatedly emphasizing that I am full of hunger for football and I have to play. Then everyone will have to wait and see what happens in the end.” said Ibrahimović in an interview.

Although he was troubled by injury, Ibrahimović becomes healthy and strong again. He, representing LA Galaxy, can perform best in each match.

The new home shirt 2018 was unveiled by Adidas and Sweden national team. Players put on the shirt for the first time in a match against Italy national team in November 2017.

Inspired by the previous home jerseys of Sweden national team, the new home shirt is retro and classic. It is predominately yellow with blue elements. The blue V-neck collar takes inspiration from the 1992 home shirt while the diagonal lines on the front of the shirt come from the 1988 home jersey. Adidas three stripes in blue,symbolizing victory, are put on both sides of the shirt. Blue and yellow brand new team badge launched in 2017 also printed on the chest, showing the tradition of Swedish football. “Sverige(Sweden)” is embroidered at the back of the collar, showing the team and the country simultaneously.

Juergen Rank, the Senior Design Director of Adidas, said:“We have created countless football products, innovative technologies and classic designs for decades. The brand new football products are designed to show respect to those. Like players, loyal fans also hope to see the new shirt with something that is immediately recognized, meanwhile, with modern designs. The newly released home shirt can be worn on football pitches and in daily life.”